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Ultimate Anniversary Flowers Guide: Make Your Day Special

By Sara Feb28,2024

For the 1st anniversary, symbolizing the first year of marriage, paper flowers are a perfect choice. These can include carnations or daisies made from paper. You could also consider gifting plants that symbolize new beginnings, such as a peace lily or bamboo. See our take on 2024 Wedding Flowers Trends: Find Your Ideal Wedding Bouquets

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

Celebrating two years of marriage calls for cotton flowers or plants with cottony foliage like lavender or artemisia. Cotton represents durability and the ability to adapt to change, making it a fitting choice for this milestone. Explore further with Ultimate Birthday Flowers Guide – Find the Perfect Bouquet See our take on Holiday Flowers Guide: Choosing Seasonal Bouquets

3rd Anniversary: Leather

The leather anniversary can be marked with leatherleaf fern or plants with leathery leaves such as jade plants or begonias. Leather symbolizes protection and durability, reflecting the strength of a relationship that has weathered the initial years.

4th Anniversary: Linen

Linen, representing the 4th anniversary, can be celebrated with linen flowers or plants with linen-like foliage, such as flax or iris. Linen signifies comfort and promise, making it a thoughtful choice for this stage of marriage.

5th Anniversary: Wood

Wood is the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary, symbolizing strength and stability. Opt for wooden flowers or plants with wooden stems like roses or hydrangeas to mark this meaningful milestone.

6th Anniversary: Iron

The iron anniversary signifies the strength of a relationship after six years. Consider ironweed or plants with metallic foliage like cordyline or ornamental grasses to honor this stage of commitment.

7th Anniversary: Wool

For the 7th anniversary, symbolizing warmth and comfort, wooly flowers or plants with woolly foliage like heather or lambs ear can be a great choice. Wool represents the coziness and closeness that have developed over seven years.

8th Anniversary: Bronze

8th Anniversary: Bronze

Bronze is the traditional gift for the 8th anniversary, symbolizing resilience and durability. Choose bronze-colored flowers or plants with bronze foliage such as chrysanthemums or sedums to celebrate this milestone.

9th Anniversary: Pottery

The 9th anniversary celebrates pottery, a material that molds and shapes over time, much like a marriage evolving and growing. Consider ceramic flowers or plants grown in clay pots like succulents or orchids to mark this stage.

10th Anniversary: Tin

Tin, representing the 10th anniversary, symbolizes preservation and longevity. Opt for tin flowers or plants with silver-colored foliage such as delphiniums or scabiosa to commemorate a decade of love and commitment.

11th Anniversary: Steel

Steel, known for its strength and resilience, is the traditional gift for the 11th anniversary. Choose steel-gray flowers or plants with metallic foliage like agapanthus or eryngium to honor the enduring nature of your relationship.

12th Anniversary: Silk

Silk symbolizes luxury, elegance, and smoothness, making it a fitting choice for the 12th anniversary. Consider silk flowers or plants with soft and delicate foliage like roses or lilies to mark this milestone. See our take on Expressing Condolences with Sympathy Flowers: A Buyer’s Guide

Flowers for Specific Anniversaries

15th Anniversary: Crystal

Crystal symbolizes clarity and reflection, making it a perfect choice for the 15th anniversary. Look for crystal-shaped flowers or plants with clear or sparkling foliage like clematis or crystalwort to commemorate fifteen years of marriage. Dive deeper into Romantic Anniversary Flowers: How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet

20th Anniversary: China

The 20th anniversary is often associated with china, which represents beauty and elegance. Choose china-patterned flowers or plants with delicate and elegant blooms like violets or pansies to honor two decades of love and commitment.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Silver, symbolizing purity and strength, is traditionally linked with the 25th anniversary. Select silver-colored flowers or plants with silvery foliage like lunaria or cineraria maritima to celebrate this significant milestone.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

Pearls are rare gems that grow in layers, symbolizing the depth of a long, prosperous marriage. Choose pearl-shaped flowers or plants with pearl-like blooms like ranunculus or bergenia to mark thirty years of shared memories and experiences.

35th Anniversary: Coral

Coral, with its vibrant color and organic beauty, signifies the 35th anniversary. Select coral-colored flowers or plants with coral-like foliage like coral bells or coral honeysuckle to celebrate this unique and cherished relationship.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

Rubies are precious stones representing passion and prosperity, making them ideal for the 40th anniversary. Choose ruby-red flowers or plants with deep red foliage like roses or camellias to honor four decades of love and commitment.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphires symbolize loyalty, trust, and wisdom, making them perfect for the 45th anniversary. Opt for sapphire-blue flowers or plants with blue foliage like delphiniums or plumbago to commemorate this milestone.

50th Anniversary: Gold

Gold, representing strength, wisdom, and prosperity, is a fitting choice for the 50th anniversary. Select golden-yellow flowers or plants with golden foliage like sunflowers or daffodils to celebrate fifty years of cherished memories and enduring love.

Flower Meanings

  • Roses: Love, romance, passion
  • Lilies: Purity, innocence, new beginnings
  • Carnations: Admiration, gratitude, affection
  • Hydrangeas: Happiness, abundance, prosperity
  • Daffodils: Hope, new beginnings, spring
  • Orchids: Luxury, beauty, love
  • Sunflowers: Joy, happiness, summer
  • Peonies: Wealth, prosperity, good fortune
  • Tulips: Love, passion, spring
  • Irises: Faith, hope, wisdom

How to Choose the Right Flowers

When selecting flowers for your anniversary, consider the following tips:

  • Consider the anniversary milestone
  • Reflect your spouse/partner’s personality
  • Choose flowers in their favorite color
  • Think about the size and style of the arrangement
  • Purchase fresh flowers from a reputable source

Making the effort to choose flowers that resonate with your partner’s preferences and the significance of your anniversary can make the celebration even more special.

By incorporating these traditional and significant flowers into your anniversary celebrations, you can infuse deeper meaning and sentiment into the occasion, making it truly unforgettable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best anniversary flowers to gift?

Some popular anniversary flowers include roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, and daisies. It ultimately depends on the recipient’s taste and the message you want to convey.

2. How do I choose the right color of flowers for an anniversary gift?

Red is a classic color symbolizing love and passion, making it perfect for anniversaries. However, you can also consider other colors like pink for romance, white for purity, or yellow for friendship.

3. Can I personalize the flower arrangement for an anniversary gift?

Yes, you can personalize the flower arrangement by adding the recipient’s favorite flowers, incorporating their favorite colors, or including special touches like a handwritten note or a keepsake item.

4. Should I consider the symbolism of flowers when choosing an anniversary gift?

Yes, the symbolism of flowers can add a deeper meaning to your anniversary gift. For example, red roses symbolize love, while daisies represent innocence and purity.

5. How can I ensure the freshness of the anniversary flowers I gift?

To ensure the freshness of your anniversary flowers, choose a reputable florist, request same-day delivery if possible, and follow care instructions provided with the flowers, such as trimming stems and changing water regularly.


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