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Difference Between Echo ⚠️ Hub and Echo Show: Key Differences

By Sara May21,2024

Purpose: This article aims to differentiate between the Echo Hub and the Echo Show to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Both these devices from Amazon have their unique features, and understanding these can guide you to make an informed decision.

Overview: The Echo Hub serves as a versatile home control hub, while the Echo Show brings more functionality with its larger display, camera, and entertainment options.

Quick List :


Echo Hub

The Echo Hub comes with a 5.5-inch touchscreen, offering a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels. This compact display is equipped with an IPS LCD panel which provides decent viewing angles and vibrant color reproduction.

Echo Show

On the other hand, the Echo Show is available in different sizes such as:

Additionally, the Echo Show employs adaptive color adjustment to enhance the viewing experience based on surrounding lighting conditions.


Echo Hub

The Echo Hub lacks a built-in camera, making it less ideal for video calls or security surveillance.

Echo Show

The Echo Show features a 1 MP resolution camera capable of 720p video recording. This camera also offers a wide-angle field of view, making it versatile for video calls and other purposes.


Echo Hub

The Echo Hub is equipped with a single 1.6-inch speaker that delivers 360-degree audio. While it does provide decent sound quality for basic use, it doesn’t match the audio capabilities of the Echo Show.

Echo Show

The Echo Show steps up the game with two 2-inch speakers that support Dolby Atmos, ensuring an immersive stereo sound experience. This makes it well-suited for music, videos, and other audio-visual content.


Echo Hub

The Echo Hub is primarily designed as a home control hub, providing seamless smart home device integration and Alexa voice assistant features. It acts as a central controller for all your smart devices, offering convenience and connectivity.

Echo Show

In addition to all the features of the Echo Hub, the Echo Show includes:

  • Video calling capabilities.
  • Drop In feature.
  • Picture-in-picture video viewing.
  • Compatibility with streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.


Echo Hub

The Echo Hub is available at an affordable price of $49.99 making it an economical choice for basic smart home management.

Echo Show

The Echo Show, depending on the model, comes at:

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Echo Hub


– Affordable.

– Compact and space-saving.

– Good as a home control hub.


– No camera.

– Limited audio quality.

Echo Show


– Larger display options.

– Integrated camera for video calls.

– Access to streaming apps.

– Enhanced audio quality.


– More expensive.

– Larger footprint.

Summary of key differences: The Echo Hub is more focused on simple home control and smart home integration, making it budget-friendly and compact. The Echo Show offers a richer feature set, including video calling, better audio, and access to streaming services which makes it more versatile but also costlier.


  • Echo Hub: Best for individuals seeking budget-friendly home control and smart home integration.
  • Echo Show: Ideal for users who want additional entertainment features, video calling, and a better display and audio experience.

Each device has its merits, and choosing between the two comes down to what you prioritize in your smart home setup. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Echo Hub?

An Echo Hub is a device that acts as a central control station for your smart home devices, allowing you to easily manage and control all of your connected devices from one place.

What is an Echo Show?

An Echo Show is a smart display that comes with a screen, allowing you to make video calls, watch videos, see visual content, and access visual information through Alexa.

What are the key differences between Echo Hub and Echo Show?

The key difference between an Echo Hub and an Echo Show is that the Echo Hub does not come with a screen, while the Echo Show has a display screen. This means that the Echo Show can provide visual feedback and information, whereas the Echo Hub cannot.

Can I make video calls on both Echo Hub and Echo Show?

No, you can only make video calls on the Echo Show, as it comes with a screen that allows for video communication. The Echo Hub does not have a screen and does not support video calls.

Which device is better for controlling smart home devices, Echo Hub, or Echo Show?

If you prefer a device that focuses solely on controlling your smart home devices without the need for a screen, then the Echo Hub would be the better option. However, if you want a device that not only controls your smart home devices but also provides visual information and allows for video calls, then the Echo Show would be more suitable.


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