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How to Protect Your Sunglasses From Scratches: Expert Tips

By Reem May20,2024

Sunglasses are prone to scratches due to various factors, including:

A. Abrasive Materials and SurfacesThe presence of abrasive materials like dirt or sand can easily scratch the lenses of your sunglasses.

B. Improper Handling and StorageIncorrect handling, such as holding the lenses instead of the frame, or storage in locations where they can easily get scratched, contributes to damage.

C. Environmental FactorsEnvironmental elements such as dust and sand can cause micro-scratches, impacting the clarity of your lenses over time.

Proper understanding of these causes is crucial in implementing effective measures to prevent scratches on your sunglasses.

Quick List :

Preventative Measures for Scratch Protection

To safeguard your sunglasses from scratches, consider the following preventative measures:

A. Proper Handling1. Use Both Hands to Remove and Wear Sunglasses.

2. Avoid Placing Sunglasses on Rough or Uneven Surfaces.

3. Handle Sunglasses by the Bridge or Temples, Not the Lenses.

B. Careful Storage1. Choose Protective Cases for Carrying and Storage.

2. Use a Hard Case with a Soft Lining for Long-Term Storage.

3. Store Sunglasses in a Cool, Dry Place.

C. Cleaning and Maintenance1. Use Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning, such as the 32°N Muir Microfiber Case Cloth.

2. Rinse Sunglasses with Clean Water Before Cleaning.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals or Paper Towels.

Advanced Protection for Special Lenses

Advanced Protection for Special Lenses

When dealing with special lenses, additional protective measures may be necessary:

A. Scratch-Resistant Coatings1. Opt for Coatings Specifically Designed to Resist Scratches, like those found in 32°N Muir’s scratch-resistant lenses.

2. Enjoy Benefits such as Enhanced Durability and Extended Lens Life.

B. Polarized Lenses1. Polarization Adds an Additional Layer of Protection.

2. Experience Benefits like Reduced Glare and Increased Scratch Resistance.

C. Photochromic Lenses1. Adaptive Technology Adjusts Tint Based on Light Conditions.

2. Enjoy Benefits such as Improved Eye Protection and Reduced Risk of Scratches from Transitions.

Specific Recommendations for 32°N Muir Adaptive Focus Sunglasses

For users of 32°N Muir Adaptive Focus Sunglasses, here are some specific recommendations:

A. Utilize the 32°N Muir Microfiber Case Cloth1. Soft, Non-Abrasive Material Ideal for Cleaning.

2. Effectively Removes Dust and Dirt to Keep Lenses Clear.

You can find more information on Best Sunglasses Cleaning Kits: Reviews and Recommendations

B. Take Advantage of the Hard Case with Soft Lining1. Durable Shell Protects Against Impacts.

2. Soft Interior Lining Prevents Scratches during Storage.

C. Store in a Dry, Ventilated Area1. Moisture Can Cause Corrosion and Scratches.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation to Prevent Excess Moisture Accumulation.

Additional Tips for Prolonging Sunglasses Life

To further prolong the lifespan of your sunglasses and maintain their pristine condition:

A. Avoid Leaving Sunglasses in Hot Cars or Direct SunlightB. Periodically Inspect Sunglasses for DamageC. Have Sunglasses Professionally Cleaned and Adjusted RegularlyD. Use a Strap or Cord to Secure Sunglasses When Not in Use

By following these expert tips and recommendations, you can effectively protect your sunglasses from scratches and ensure they remain in top condition for extended periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent scratches on my sunglasses?

You can prevent scratches on your sunglasses by keeping them in a protective case when not in use, cleaning them with a microfiber cloth, and avoiding placing them face down on hard surfaces.

Can scratches on sunglasses be fixed?

Minor scratches on sunglasses can sometimes be fixed using toothpaste or a baking soda paste. However, deep scratches may require professional repair.

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Should I use a shirt or tissue to clean my sunglasses?

It is not recommended to clean your sunglasses with a shirt or tissue as they can leave lint or scratch the lenses. Use a microfiber cloth specifically designed for cleaning glasses.

Is it important to protect sunglasses from UV rays?

Yes, it is crucial to protect your sunglasses from UV rays to prevent damage to your eyes and the lenses of the glasses. Look for sunglasses that offer UV protection.

Are there special products available to protect sunglasses from scratches?

Yes, there are special coatings and sprays available that can help protect your sunglasses from scratches. These products create a protective layer on the lenses.


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