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Squarespace vs Shopify: Which is Best for ⚠️ Your E-commerce?

By Fatima Apr20,2024

When diving into the world of e-commerce, choosing the right platform can make or break your online business. This comparison aims to assist readers in determining whether Squarespace or Shopify is the better fit for their specific e-commerce needs.

Purpose of the comparison

Purpose of the comparison

The primary purpose of this comparison is to provide prospective e-commerce entrepreneurs with insights and information to make an informed decision when selecting an e-commerce platform.

Brief overview of Squarespace and Shopify

Brief overview of Squarespace and Shopify

Squarespace and Shopify are two popular e-commerce platforms known for their user-friendly interfaces and robust features. Squarespace is renowned for its visually appealing templates and design flexibility, while Shopify is acknowledged for its extensive app store and scalability.

E-commerce Capabilities

E-commerce capabilities are pivotal in determining which platform aligns best with your business requirements.

Product Management

  1. Number of products allowed:

    • Squarespace: The platform supports an unlimited number of products on all its plans.
    • Shopify: The number of products allowed varies based on the selected plan.
  2. Product variants and options:

    • Squarespace and Shopify both offer robust tools for managing product variants such as sizes, colors, and other customizable options.
  3. Inventory management features:

    • Squarespace and Shopify provide inventory tracking, low stock notifications, and the ability to manage stock levels effectively.

Order Management

  1. Order processing and fulfillment:

    • Both platforms streamline order processing with features like bulk order management and order tracking.
  2. Payment gateways and processing fees:

    • Squarespace and Shopify offer a range of payment gateways with varying processing fees.
  3. Shipping options and rates:

    • Users can set up custom shipping rates, real-time carrier calculations, and offer free shipping on both platforms.

Customer Management

  1. Customer accounts and profiles:

    • Squarespace and Shopify allow customers to create accounts, save their information, and track their orders.
  2. Order history and tracking:

    • Customers can easily access their order history and track their shipments on both platforms.
  3. Customer support options:

    • Both platforms offer customer support features such as live chat, email support, and extensive knowledge bases.


Pricing structures play a significant role in the cost of running an e-commerce store on Squarespace or Shopify.

Monthly Subscription Plans

  1. Basic Plan:

    • Squarespace: Offers a basic plan with essential features at a competitive price point.
    • Shopify: Provides a basic plan tailored for new businesses with a set of features.
  2. Business Plan:

    • Squarespace: Introduces more advanced features suitable for growing businesses.
    • Shopify: Upgrades to a business plan with additional tools for scalability.
  3. Advanced Plan:

    • Squarespace: Offers an advanced plan with top-tier features for established businesses.
    • Shopify: Presents an advanced plan catering to high-volume businesses with extensive features.

Transaction Fees

  1. Percentage-based fees:

    • Squarespace and Shopify charge varying percentages on transactions based on the selected plan.
  2. Per-transaction fees:

    • Additional per-transaction fees may apply, depending on the payment gateway used.
  3. Free transactions (if any):

    • Consider whether the platforms offer any free transaction limits based on the subscription plan.

Additional Costs

  • Both platforms may have additional costs such as domain registration, premium template purchases, and app integrations that could impact your overall expenses.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of an e-commerce platform can significantly impact your efficiency and productivity as a business owner.

Template Selection and Customization

  1. Number of templates available:

    • Squarespace boasts a collection of beautifully designed templates across various industries.
    • Shopify offers a wide range of templates with different layouts and styles to suit different businesses.
  2. Flexibility of template customization:

    • Both platforms allow users to customize templates to match their brand identity and business requirements.
  3. Drag-and-drop functionality:

    • Squarespace and Shopify provide intuitive drag-and-drop editors for easy website customization.

Content Management

  1. Page building and editing tools:

    • Users can create and edit web pages seamlessly using the tools provided by Squarespace and Shopify.
  2. Blog and social media integration:

    • Both platforms support seamless integration with blogs and social media channels to enhance customer engagement.
  3. SEO optimization features:

    • Squarespace and Shopify offer built-in SEO tools to help improve the visibility of your online store in search engine results.

Learning Curve and Technical Requirements

  • Consider your familiarity with website building tools and the technical requirements of each platform to determine which would be a better fit for you or your team.


The level of customizability offered by both platforms can impact the unique features and functionality of your e-commerce store.

App Integrations

  1. Number and variety of apps available:

    • Shopify’s extensive app store provides a wide range of applications to enhance your store’s functionality.
    • Squarespace offers a selection of integrations to add customizable features to your website.
  2. Integration process and compatibility:

    • Before selecting a platform, ensure the apps or integrations you require are compatible and easy to integrate with your chosen platform.

Theme Development

  1. Access to HTML/CSS code:

    • Shopify provides users with access to the platform’s HTML and CSS, allowing for extensive theme customization.
    • Squarespace offers limited access to HTML/CSS code for those seeking more advanced customization options.
  2. Third-party theme marketplaces:

    • Shopify has a thriving third-party theme marketplace where users can purchase and install custom themes.
    • Squarespace users can explore a range of professionally designed templates within the platform.

API Access

  • Check whether Squarespace and Shopify provide API access for developers to create custom integrations and functionalities for your e-commerce store.

the choice between Squarespace and Shopify ultimately depends on the unique needs and preferences of your e-commerce business. By considering factors such as e-commerce capabilities, pricing, ease of use, and customizability, you can make an informed decision to ensure the success of your online venture. Evaluate each aspect carefully and choose the platform that aligns best with your long-term goals and vision. Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Squarespace and Shopify?

Squarespace is more design-oriented and user-friendly, while Shopify offers more advanced e-commerce features and customization options.

Which platform is better for beginners?

Squarespace is generally easier to use for beginners due to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, whereas Shopify may require a steeper learning curve.

Does Squarespace or Shopify offer better template options?

Squarespace is known for its beautifully designed templates, but Shopify has a wider variety of templates to choose from, including both free and paid options.

Can I sell digital products on both Squarespace and Shopify?

Yes, both platforms support the sale of digital products, but Shopify offers more advanced features for managing digital downloads and subscriptions.

Which platform is more cost-effective for small businesses?

Squarespace is typically more budget-friendly for small businesses starting out, while Shopify may offer more scalability and features for larger businesses as they grow.


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