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Withings ScanWatch 2 vs Apple Watch: Sleep Monitoring Battle

By Mariam May21,2024

The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed comparison of the sleep monitoring features between the Withings ScanWatch 2 and the Apple Watch, catering to health-conscious individuals interested in gaining insights into their sleep patterns.

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Target Audience

Target Audience

This comparison aims to assist individuals who prioritize their health and wish to make an informed decision on selecting a smartwatch that offers advanced sleep monitoring capabilities.

Sleep Monitoring Features

Withings ScanWatch 2

  • Withings ScanWatch 2 offers an array of advanced sleep monitoring features, including:

    • Advanced sleep analysis that tracks sleep duration, stages (deep, light, REM), heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, and sleep apnea detection.
    • ECG sensor for measuring heart rhythm to detect sleep disturbances and potential arrhythmias.
    • SpO2 sensor to monitor blood oxygen levels and assess sleep quality and potential risks of sleep apnea.
    • EDA sensor for measuring electrodermal activity and tracking stress levels affecting sleep quality.

      Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch provides the following sleep monitoring features:

    • Sleep tracking to monitor sleep duration, stages (awake, core, REM), heart rate variability (HRV), and respiratory rate.
    • Blood oxygen sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels to evaluate sleep quality and detect potential respiratory issues.
    • Sleep tracking with sleepOS, offering personalized insights, bedtime reminders, and setting sleep goals.

Key Differences and Comparison

Sleep Analysis Depth and Accuracy

When comparing the two devices:

– Withings ScanWatch 2 excels in providing a comprehensive sleep analysis with advanced sensors like ECG, SpO2, and EDA, offering detailed insights into heart rhythm, blood oxygen levels, and stress impact on sleep.

– Apple Watch, although not as sensor-rich, still delivers detailed sleep stage tracking and HRV monitoring for valuable sleep data analysis.

Health Monitoring Capabilities

  • Withings ScanWatch 2 serves as a holistic health monitoring device, encompassing heart rate tracking, ECG, SpO2, and fitness monitoring.
  • Apple Watch focuses on fitness tracking primarily and includes additional health monitoring features like ECG, blood oxygen tracking, and fall detection.

    Battery Life and Design

In terms of battery life and design:

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– Withings ScanWatch 2 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 30 days, complemented by a traditional watch design.

– Apple Watch, with its modern smartwatch design, offers up to 18 hours of battery life, aligning with its daily charging routine.

Price Range

Advantages and Disadvantages

Withings ScanWatch 2

Considering the pros and cons of the Withings ScanWatch 2:

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– Advantages include advanced sleep analysis, comprehensive health monitoring, extended battery life, and a classic watch design.

– Disadvantages encompass limited smartwatch features and a relatively smaller display.

Apple Watch

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the Apple Watch:

– Advantages consist of a modern smartwatch design, a robust ecosystem, additional health monitoring features like ECG and blood oxygen tracking, and customizable watch faces.

– Disadvantages involve a shorter battery life and a higher price point compared to the Withings ScanWatch 2.

In conclusion:

– For individuals emphasizing comprehensive sleep monitoring and thorough health tracking, the Withings ScanWatch 2 stands out as an ideal choice, offering advanced sensors, ECG functionality, and an extended battery life.

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– On the other hand, those seeking a balanced mix of sleep tracking, fitness monitoring, and smartwatch capabilities may find the Apple Watch appealing, with its diverse features and modern design, albeit with the trade-off of a shorter battery life and higher cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Withings ScanWatch 2 and Apple Watch in sleep monitoring?

Withings ScanWatch 2 offers comprehensive sleep apnea tracking and SpO2 monitoring in addition to traditional sleep metrics. Apple Watch mainly focuses on sleep duration and quality without advanced sleep disorder features.

Which device is more accurate in tracking sleep patterns, Withings ScanWatch 2 or Apple Watch?

Withings ScanWatch 2 is known for its medical-grade sleep tracking accuracy due to its SpO2 sensor and sleep apnea detection capabilities. Apple Watch provides basic sleep data but may not be as precise in detecting various sleep stages.

Can Withings ScanWatch 2 and Apple Watch monitor sleep disturbances effectively?

Withings ScanWatch 2 excels in monitoring sleep disturbances like sleep apnea and oxygen saturation levels, providing valuable insights for overall health. Apple Watch, on the other hand, focuses more on general sleep patterns and may not detect specific sleep disorders as effectively.

Do both Withings ScanWatch 2 and Apple Watch offer insights on improving sleep quality?

While both devices offer basic sleep quality metrics, Withings ScanWatch 2 provides more tailored suggestions for improving sleep through its detailed sleep analysis and detection of sleep disorders. Apple Watch offers general tips but may lack specificity in addressing individual sleep issues.

Which smartwatch is recommended for users prioritizing sleep health, Withings ScanWatch 2 or Apple Watch?

For users highly concerned about sleep health and disorders, Withings ScanWatch 2 is the preferred choice due to its advanced sleep monitoring features. Apple Watch is more suitable for users looking for basic sleep insights without the need for advanced sleep disorder tracking.


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